Lately, I have been extremely happy. I have a wonderful family whom I love dearly, amazing friends who I can count on for anything, and I have met a guy who seems to genuinely care about me.  I truly think the “secret” to happiness is loving you and where you’re at. Regardless of the circumstances, … More Happiness

Championship Game

Every shot you take Every turnover you make Every shot you break Every foul you make We’ll be watching you.   Every class you faked Is a Pack Pride take Each denied mistake Makes ESPN ache We’ll be watching you.   Oh can’t you see? Y’all are so crappy. My poor heart aches As it … More Championship Game


        I am not one who is ashamed of my past. My past is something that has caused me pain, but I am blessed to have experienced it. Without it, I am not sure I’d be the same person I am today. I wouldn’t have as many manners and I wouldn’t want … More Reflection


Although I know I’m loved, (or at least hope I am!) I feel like a lot of times when I talk, people don’t listen or don’t care.  I’ve felt this for a while. Whenever I speak, I feel like people are apathetic or like I am inconveniencing them.  It makes me want to close up … More Overlooked

Cold February

Although I love being born in February, it can be lonely. I love having a birthday in the month that is the most rare, but it’s the best time for couples. Welp. I am single. I have been for a while and I am pretty sure I’ll spend another valentine’s day eating discounted chocolate and … More Cold February